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Wednesday, August 26, 2009
busy holiday.

went for RC flag sale. ( for one day)
But i think it's good enough. =)
Also,few relatives came over so i ended being driver + tour guide.
Brought them to museum, spring etc.
Being me, someone who can't remember roads well.
It's too EASY to miss some turning or go wrong way...
U can imagine what happened & the petrol ' wasted '. lol

I blog this first,
Tomorrow is someone's Birthday.

A girl i knew for almost 9 years
my best buddy =)
Someone always there when i needed her
I can't finish
Happy birthday!


Delia ♥ 8:46 PM
Saturday, August 15, 2009
Clicking through friend's blog, read this from one of Lee Lee's post,
I ♥ it " every second is a blessing & we should treasure it with our heart "
indeed, it's so so true!

These few days keep feeling that i didn't use my time wisely.
Probably because mock exam is around the corner.
only 26 days left.
No matter what i'll do my best.
In my struggle; in my time of need, His word always appear to be so ALIVE!

He speak to me this morning,

faith, has made you well Mark 6:34
Don't be afraid, only believe Mark 6:36

Exactly what i needed.

He knows my name,
He knows my every thought,
he sees each tears that falls
He hears me whan i call.
Delia ♥ 11:10 AM
Thursday, August 13, 2009
Field trip
Last Friday went for a Biology field trip .
Something like ecology study.
It's suppose to be cool & refreshing in Borneo Highlands right?!
Sadly, it's NOT.
So hot & u can even feel the heat wave even at such high altitude.
No cool breeze. T.T
Global warming!!!
Went for natural walk & did quadrats sampling,leaves lifting...
All those Bio stuff
(well not really, we just had a long & tiring jungle tracking)
We walked pass the golf course, went to organic farm, flowers nursery..
See all sorts of lovely flowers
then had an organic lunch *no meat*
then back to kch.
Arrived School around 5
♥ Some pics♥



(Ms Frances, me, Ashley, Gourgius, Navena, Jen, Marc, Barnaby,Daniel, mdm. Sim,Sheryl,Geraldine,Julius, Brian)

Group photo ^^

Just a skin with NO content!

Mdm Sim, Ashley, me Geraldine

Bio & maths teacher

Just done my report on this trip.
Off too bed now
♥ ♥ ♥

Delia ♥ 10:50 PM
Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Didn't go to school today.
Spent whole day doing Physics exercises.
Teacher gave us tons work to do T.T
:) Made the right choice.
At least i spent my time wisely at home.
Mock exam in exactly ONE month time.
IT's Time to start revision!
No play play...
Delia ♥ 6:04 PM
Sunday, August 09, 2009
bye friends
Two close friends of mine just left to KL.
Pursue further studies - train to be a teacher!
Really not an easy thing for me.
So not use to it...
I tried to hold my tears; but they refuse to listen.
It burst out every time i think about them or sees something related to them.
So hard to let go, but i'm learning.
Today, a great lesson I've learnt

Always appreciate people around you.
Too many times I've took things for granted.
Until when they are gone then i realise how precious they are.

I never had this feeling before.
it's really something new.
Learning... Trying to adapt to it.
it takes time.

Jolina & Yan Hui,
both of u really meant a lot to me.
I felt lack of something when both of u left.
I can't explain that.
At the same time, glad that we've grown up.
Really proud of u two.
Be strong ohh.

.:two years ago:.

Friends-even u can't see them; but they are always there.

Do keep in touch ;)

Be strong !

Delia ♥ 11:26 PM
Thursday, July 30, 2009
Finally got my Internet connection back.
Lost it for about 2 days.. (After i blogged the prev post)
Called the Streamyx customer service agent
They kinda friendly. ^^
The only thing is the phone line easily been cut off.
In total i called 4 times... talked half way then, du..du..du...
redial again & again.
Talked to 4 different agents altogether. Huhu..
Feel like asking how many of them there *just curious *
But i didn't.... not so kepo :)
Ahh... I'm happy!
Can do LAN assignment dy..
Even i wish i could chose not to but.... must do!
Even in this, i felt He answered my prayers..
Delia ♥ 10:56 PM
Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Extraordinarily tired today.
Keep feeling sleepy in school
Especially 3 hours of same room; same teacher...
Started next year syllabus (A2)
for Chemistry, Physics, Maths
Wah... super hard.
Heard it's suppose to be 3 times harder
but i don't think so..
Definitely more than 3 times la
Holding on to Your promise of help
Must sleep earlier tonight!
Delia ♥ 9:43 PM
Thursday, July 23, 2009
Bloody day
Bloody day.

Dissected 3 cute Little hamsters.
It's cruel i know, but no choice we couldn't get lab mice from the supplier.
So, have to sacrifice the poor little ones.
When teacher started to demo the proper way to cut it
everyone reacted like....'no no!'
But, too late; there's no turning back.
Teacher promised that would she let the hamsters' death be worth it.
So we dissected every part of it, observed & learnt the all the organs
from the brain till the anus; tongue,oesophagus, lungs, liver,stomach,
intestines, spleen, kidneys, fallopian tube, testicles, urinary bladder.

Surprisingly, after dissection when we look at the small tiny heart--
OMG! it's still beating in a slow & weak pace.
Not just one, three hamsters still alive.


(some really gross i didnt post)

It was Sherlene's Birthday!

My beloved sister!!

Officially stepped into her sweet 16 =)
Went all around with some friends looking for her B day gift,
not really successful.
Brought her kind of shirt she liked but failed to find a pair of high heels for her
so, i came out with an idea of making her sort of voucher
' entitled for high heels' xD
so i owe her one.
Then treat her dinner at Mr. Ho.
Really broke this month
haha.. but it's worth it-- for her. =)
Then later few of them appeared to give her a surprise!
They lied & said no time to come out to celebrate coz got assignment,
exams, bla bla bla...
But they appeared!
She was REALLY shocked, In a good way of course.


The voucher

2 days ago

Yan Hui & I went to shop for Sherlene's gift. =)
then Grace came to meet us there..

most famous spot for photo-taking spot
: Fitting Room :

i love this.

Later, Alfred & Yen Seng met us in Spring as well, then Grace went back.
After Grace went back,
we saw 2 kids walking near MPH.
Yan Hui suspected they lost their mum course one seems to be crying.
Then we went closer to asked...
They were lost.
Yan Hui ( like v pro lo) asked the crying kids about their mum,
her shirt & so on.
Poor kid crying & sobbing away.
( only the older sis cried, younger one very calm)
then a girl worked in D & D
came out to help =)
Brought them to the service counter.....

Think we did a good thing.
right yan Hui?
Feel good about it :)

Time to do maths homework

Delia ♥ 4:56 PM
Sunday, July 19, 2009
update update
one week didn't update.
so went to church then class gathering together with Yan Hui.
Wen siew is leaving soon . xD
So many class gethering after we finished form 5..
....till i lost count...
we went to.... um....see pic
it's too obvious! xD
Group photo
(left to right)
Winnie, me, yan hui,sze leh,wen siew,vivian,
amelia,chuan khai,kuang wei,siant hun

Me & Wen siew
( Eh, bye2 & take care oh)
just finished my presentation for tomorrow Phy class.
Tomorrow is Monday again....
going back to the same routine again.
Sometime wish that weekend never ends xD
Recently in ♥ with 'you belong with me'
sung & witten by Taylor Swift
Delia ♥ 8:44 PM
Thursday, July 09, 2009
18th Birthday

One of my friend appeared outside my house with a cake & gift when the clock strike 12.
I didn't expect that. Only my sis knew about the plan.
Big surprise in the middle of the night!!
After that, another bigger surprise from my sis.
(Jaw dropped) She gave me something i didn't expect as well.
A camera. Almost fainted.. Hahah :)
Thank you

Thanks for all the gifts & cards..

I was touched by the SMSes as well.
Thank you so much. =) It made my day!

Done with Bio & Chem ppr 2.
Only Phy & Bio ppr 1 left
( First time having exam on my birthday)
No matter what, i'll still study!
Cz i'm still a student..
.:Student Should Study:.
( but it's NOT everything )

My cameraDSC - W290

Omg! I can't believe i'm 18 already.. Time has wings!!!!

But i'm still young! xD

Delia ♥ 3:14 PM
Friday, July 03, 2009
We are '' fearfully & wonderfully made''

Our basic unit = cell

In a single cell. ( 20 micro m ) ONLY
They are so tiny but intricate.
wooh.. I can't help it but praise The One that created all these.
Did my Bio revision... For hours..=.=!
:) But enjoyed learning!
Found something.
All about cells.
I found it useful!

I didnt' finish my Phy Practical exam this morning. :(
.... Graph very hard to draw..
( x-axis range from 300+ to 13000+)
How to draw?! Graph paper not enough laa..
Think for half & hour... still no idea.
Didn't manage to finish more than half of it.
But it's over dy.
Failure teaches success..
Try harder next time!

Hehe.. Every cloud has a silver lining :)
Supprisingly i got the higest for Bio Prac exam.

♥ Gonna start 2nd Alpha tomorrow

Yu Full leaving tomorrow.
Lee Lee already left.
JPA scholars!! You can do it!
God is with you!
Jia you...♥ ♥

Delia ♥ 11:13 PM
Friday, June 26, 2009
Little update on what happened Wad night.
I'm really REALLY grateful about.
That night went out for dinner at Mr.Ho's with pastor & Na, Yan Hui, Yeah & Yu Full, cause Yu Full leaving soon. I had a wonderful time with them. :)

*sMile *

After dinner, was going to drive Grace & Yan Hui home. unfortunately small accident happened.When i reverse my cay i didn't realise there's a car parked someway behind me- i knocked the car. :( So shocked! Don't know what to do, then reverse back & look at the car. Phiew.. no scar, nothing. Because i knocked on the metal bar.( i don't know what it's called) Really Grateful. I believe God's protection was upon us. Nothing so serious, only next morning i realised that my back lamp cracked & got a small hole. wah, really kin teo. First time. Thank God nothing serious. :) so grateful!!

Yesterday went to buy 35 packets of hot-dog with Yu Full & Aaron. After that, went makan then meet Poh Hui. Missed her alot, for so loong didn't see her. hehe.. finally! BUt we only talked about less that 20 mins. :) Had a nice time too.

Chemistry Practical Exam today. It's my first time. Wah! whole table full of chemicals. lol. About 16 bottles of chemicals, pippetts, burette, filter funnel. . . all the things needed. Really alot alot alot of things. Unfortunately, i'm using teacher's desk (it's smaller than others) sad. Not good time management. Didn't really finished. But i'm not the only one- almost everyone can't finish on time. Well, that's our first time. Hrmms.. 2 hours do 3 experimants. Not easy eh. =)

Delia ♥ 5:57 PM
Wednesday, June 24, 2009
My day.

This morning everything was fine.
Drove to school, when i was on the way, accidentally bumped into green rubbish bin.
Sweat! nothing serious. ={

Then few mins later, i felt that the back door wasn't closed properly.
Then i decided to stop my car on the road side ( housing area) to check...
I went down from the driving seat then went to close the door for the back seat.
Guess what, immediately after i closed the back door, the car auto lock.
='( i was left outside the car WITHOUT car key! ( it's inside the car cz i didn't turn off the engine).
Kin teo! First toughs, i'll be late for class. hrmms.
Then i saw an uncle just back from his morning exercise.
So i asked him for help.
Thank God he is kind enough. he went to his house and brought a thick wire then start to help me unlock.. Phiew.. few mins then..
Ta daa- it's okie dy!

When to school late, but no class cz teacher is absent.
We're suppose to hv a test so i took it for granted that he's not here so i don't want to learn.
Who knows at the last maybe 40 min one teacher came in & said we should be in room 217 ( take our test) in 15 min time.
Big sweat! I didn't learn AT ALL!!
At least got 15 min. :(

Then had Bio practical exam.
Went on quite smooth..
then class got class debate. kinda fun to be a judgr this time.

Reached home safely just now.

I realised there's so many things to be greatful of... =)
I'm contented.

Having something on tonight.
looking forward.
Delia ♥ 5:47 PM
Monday, June 22, 2009
What's next
Practical exam
& Exam
..... Lining up next ....
I'll try my best!
Delia ♥ 8:32 PM
Sunday, June 21, 2009
Father's day

In this special day i want to say
Pa, thank you!
Sometime things do hurt me but i understand that no one is perfect.
Forgive me if i had said things that might hurt your feeling,
or being rude to you.
Please forgive me.
Truly from my heart, i want to say
I love you.
I never verbally tell u this
but i really mean it.
I want you to know,
no one can ever replace your position in my heart.
.:No matter what happened:.
.:No matter where u are:.
:) thank you, pa
God bless.
Delia ♥ 2:43 AM
Thursday, June 18, 2009
When i was revising maths, i got a message.
form Yan Hui-
chat a lil but then we talked about form 6 & how hard it is.
In one of her msg she said
,' No matter how hardworking i am, I'm still not good in. . . .'
bla bla bla...
My thought was, that's not true cause
God see your hard work & surely will help you.
Then i replied something like don't worry,work hard, God will help you.
That speaks volume to me...
Even though i'm replying her but that's exactly how i feel these few days.

Chemistry... Physics.... Biology....
keep worrying about this & that...
Even i know it's wrong to worry but i just can't stop thinking about it...

I was so encouraged! =)
I was reminded again- God sees our hard work!
so, study hard!

*Amazing* how God speaks to me through just simply replying her message.

Yan hui, hope u don't mind i 'expose' your msg a bit
Just want to encourage you, don't give up easily!
you can do it.. Cause u're not alone.
Delia ♥ 9:14 PM
Sunday, June 14, 2009
save nature
Went to curry house with church friends after Sunday service.
The weather is burning HOT!!
Hot. Hot. Hot.
what's happening?!
temperature is increasing!

People cut trees and don't replace them, throw wastes on water when they can use it as fertilizer, turn the precious forest to civilization when we already have malls,and all think its pathetic to save nature !

That its GOD's creation !!
Realize that God wants us to take care of creation, understand that we are the highest type of animals and we are the ones able to take care of them.

Save mother nature!
Don't let her sad & blue.

Play our own part, maybe as simple as don't dump rubbish on road, recycle recyclable things...

Save nature!
Delia ♥ 10:06 PM
Saturday, June 13, 2009
my hols
It's coming to the end of my 2 weeks hols.
Reflect back.... went out a lot.. =(
Greatly reminded when Janna share about sacrificing out TimE for God. It belongs to Him.

This hols i ReALLY went out alot.
Santubong trip, movies, shoppings, limteh, pasir Ulu trip. . . .
[lil guilty cz not enough revision]

The most meaningful one is the Pasir Ulu Trip! =)
( a trip where we bring a mini library to a village & let the kids read. At the same time do Alpha together) it's so meaningful!
This is my second trip
Just came back!

One thing touched me the most,
When i heard those kids sing unto God, i just can't stop smiling...
That joy & gladness... Really so so SO encouraging!
that's what i heard Yesterday night. The kids singing so loudly unto God..
They look at each other when worshipping God.
They laugh. Maybe u can say there aren't concentrating.
But when i heard it, I can't help it, but tears just keep rolling in my eyes.
they are genuine. sincere.
Can u imagine if eveyone sind like that?!
*Let's be humble & learn from little kids as well =)

I was GREATLY encouraged!

Now it's time to do my book review.
Time to suffer a little.
Delia ♥ 8:41 PM
Wednesday, May 06, 2009
teaching interview
Here to clean the cobwebs away~ =P
It's 2 am BUT
I'm Twisting my head (=P) still trying to ans the essay for the teaching interview.
It's so so so last min.
I forgot about it then just realised the interview is 6 May!
( which is today )
Everything not prepared yet.
Well, I'll go & TRY.=.=!
So not going to sch..
But It's gonna be a busy day...
Little nervous.
heard that it's not easy,
I want His will to be done =)
Delia ♥ 2:21 AM
Sunday, April 19, 2009
Tagged by Tonyong
Tagged by a perasan person
Hrmm...That person is Flying soon~ Sobs.
Upload your fave picture and answer the question below.

*Why did you choose the photo?
Cause I like it, I look GOOD =P & Hardworking. Nice lighting too.
*When was the last time you ate pizza?
Hrmms.. I couldn't remember. last month?
2 months ago? sobs. =(
*The last song you've listen too?
Tears drops on my guitar- Taylor Swift
*What are you doing beside answering this tag?
figuring out points to write an essay. =.=(dying)
*Besides your own name, how do you like people to call you?
My nickname-- Delia or Lia Lia
*Tag 6 person, the following questions are related to them.
4)Yan seng
*Who is number 1?
One of my close friend. =) talented in music
*No.3 has a relationship with?
Umm... I think still single lo.. hehe
*Say something about number 5.
Always forget people's name... jokes alot!
*How about number 4?
My tuition friend that still stress about wad course to choose.
*Who is number 2?
My friend. Know her in sch (last time) but only get closer to her after tuition together.
*Say something to number 6.
Thanks for always driving me to Sun service. =) hehe.

Delia ♥ 9:21 PM
It's Sunday.
(As usual)
I went to church
Pastor taught us the Doctrine of God!
Woo... It's something sound so basic,
yet we always tend to forget...

* Infinite (not limited)
*Omniscient (all knowing)
*Omnipotent (all powerful)
*Omnipresent ( Everywhere)
*Eternal ( he Forever exist)
*Immutable (unchanging)
*Immanent (personal)

The only ONE
No one can compare to Him.
No one.

**Smiley face**

G.U.E.S.S W.H.O??

hehe... Got all the right ans??
love smiley faces
Tried this few days ago...
Looks tasty?
it is BUT
Really spicy!!
Fred is crying because of that...
Delia ♥ 3:04 PM
Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Past few weeks had been a super depressed week for me.
Everything lost it's colour.
The circumstances around me dampens my spirit...
Exams, revision this & that...
Then later i realised i missed some thing that mattered the most.
This inspired me
When you pass through the waters,
i will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
you will not be burned;
the flames will not set you ablaze.
Isaiah 43:2
It's a reassuarance that i'm not doing it alone.
I thank God for my first term result.
Not with flying colours,
maybe for others it's not good at all.
But i know i couldn't acheive it without Him.=)
He is FOREVER faithful..
" your faithfullness, never fails.... eveyday you're the same"
I appreciate the encouragement & prayers from friends.
Thank you!
Got to sleep now, goin school tomorrow..
Delia ♥ 10:01 PM
Monday, April 13, 2009
Field Trip
Field trip to Sejingkat power Station

After a long boring briefing...
Getting to know the history or that station.
All I could remember is that they uses Coal to generate electricity & sell it to Sesco.

It’s using non-renewable energy so far..
People! Save electricity!

As visitors we got to put on the yellow helmet & a pair of little thingy that we stuff into our ear as we went into the building
( where the machines were operating)...
It’s so hot & noisy!
That small yellow thing in our ears helps a lot..=)
Some pics

Heading to our destination
( Ended up the gate was locked so We have to go back to the main entrance again..
long walk...Morning exercise?!)

the power plant

Stylish eh?!


Safety FIRST

yellow helmet on everyone

Me & Cho Hee
( Saw Jen ?!)

Mr. Ling
(Bubble gum?!)
"ear plug"
** Credits to Jen for some of the nice pics**

Delia ♥ 7:54 PM
the Past

Play Tic Tac SCARE